Benefit Auctions

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I have been in the auction business for more than 40 years and have conducted Benefit Auctions all over the Midwest – even as far away as New York, where I was invited to do the NFED Gala. I have helped to raise thousands of dollars each year for such groups as Carney’s Kids, MDA, NFED, Cardinals Winter Warm-Up, Chesterfield Day School, Life Long Vision Foundation, St Louis Boondoggle Ball, and many school and church events around the Metro area, up to 25 or 30 a year. Our schedule makes it hard for us to fill all the requests for our services, but we try to accommodate. We can and will help make your event a success.
David Schumacher


We have had our Carney’s Kids fundraiser for the last 18 years. Two years ago, I turned over the auction duties to Dave Schumacher. We have seen noticeable growth on the funds we have raised. I even noticed that we made more money on the same items we had in the past when Dave conducted the auction. He also had a great connection with the crowd. The only issue I had was having more of the guests comment on Dave than mentioned me!!!
Guess I’ll have to get over it as we’ll have him back as long as he’ll have us.¬†
John Carney
Carney’s Kids Foundation¬†


Stan Musial Gala

Stan Musial Gala